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Spring set to explode in gardens

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"Garden Designs Have Changed Over the Years."

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xerioscaping with plants and rocks  

Mark your Calendar for the Symposium:

Style & Whimsey in the Sustainable Garden September 23rd-26th 2010.

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Arlington Garden Turns 5 Anniversary Celebration May 8th

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  Golden Poppies in bloom
Turtle walking
  Arlington For All Ages!
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In case you missed it...
The Los Angeles Times Spring Gardens Issue

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garden design at Windsor Square

Before and after photos of the
Windsor Square site

  LA Times Spring Gardens  

Saturday, April 26th, 2008
To benefit the Virginia Avenue Project



Whether it’s your first ever, or you’re a veteran of previous Green Gardens Tours, this year we can go together. We can tour the gardens in a comfortable tour van, in great green style--no worries about parking, the ultimate in car-pooling. Lunch is available, and so is a guide--me!!  It’ll run you a little extra, but nothing compared to my day rate!! 

So, save the date and make a date with me. I’ve got the inside ‘dirt’ on every garden in the tour, and more!
To reserve a seat on the van, contact Virginia Avenue Project today:

Phone number: 310-264-4224

View the Invitation

Arlington Garden, A Garden of Pedigree (with golden poppy)
Bocce Ball at Arlington Gardens
Arlington Garden in Pasadena,
Design by Mayita Dinos Garden Design

You are cordially invited to visit the Arlington Garden in Pasadena.

Anytime from dawn to dusk!

Corner of Pasadena Avenue and Arlington Drive, Pasadena, CA 91105

To see falcons and hear song birds.
To smell roses and orange blossoms, lavender and sage.
To see plants that require little water to survive and thrive!
To see a golden orbed spider with nest.[maybe!]

Hopefully, this mediterranean-climate garden will inspire you to use less water in your garden, and to reap more joy, satisfaction, and visits from your winged friends!

About the Garden
In 2005 a crew of workers of the City of Pasadena and a few volunteers planted trees and officially transformed a weedy vacant lot into a mediterranean climate garden! My heart soared with pride and hope for the future of this demonstration garden as I saw the young arboreal beings nestled into the soil.

Our garden is arranged into two main horticultural and stylistic areas-- Native California and Mediterranean. There is a formal Garden Room in each respective area; the Olive Allée in the Mediterranean section (western half) and the yet to be constructed Crafstman Commons in the California section (eastern half). Other important features include: Tuscan steps, an amphitheatre, an orange grove, a meadow, an arroyo, a vernal pool, desert areas and a raised-bed herb garden.

Thanks to numerous private donations from local residents, businesses and partial funding from the City of Pasadena and Pasadena Water and Power, we have added many new trees, shrubs, perennials and annual wildflowers to the original roster.

In addition, we have received generous donations from local businesses and individuals which have added comfort and beauty to our garden with seating and ornamentation. Although it is still a work in progress, the Arlington Garden is already a place where nature and people rub elbows in many gratifying ways.

Hence, I invite you to come and enjoy the fun and peace that results from communing with our Native and Mediterranean plants and from close encounters with the birds, bees and many-legged creatures that now call this garden 'home'.

You can send donations to:
Arlington Garden in Pasadena
c/o Betty and Charles McKenney
295 Arlington Drive
Pasadena, CA 91105



What does it take to convert 3 acres of Caltrans-owned land into the 1st public garden in the City of Pasadena?     In a word:


This is the cast of characters that has collaborated to transform this 3 acre patch of weeds into a mediterranean climate garden: 

Betty and Charles McKenney.
They live adjacent to the lot. They had the Idea and were 'highly motivated.'

Jan Smithen 
Her book Sun Drenched Gardens: the Mediterranean Style was our inspiration.

The City of Pasadena
Through its Public works Department, the Pasadena Water and Power Department, with the help from the Mediterranean Garden Society and Pasadena Beautiful. Additional support comes form the Metropolitan Water District, garden clubs, local businesses, nurseries, neighbors and friends.

Mayita Dinos Garden Design
Designer of the Master Plan.

Thomas Juhasz
California native plant ‘guru’.

They plant, weed, and mulch and more.

The Arlington Garden in Pasadena, a not-for-profit organization.

Raising funds
The Arlington Garden in Pasadena gets maintenance and continued support with generous help from the Parks and Natural Resources Division of the Pasadena Public Works Department, Pasadena Water and Power, local residents, Pasadena Beautiful foundation….

And hopefully YOU! 
You can send donations to:
Arlington Garden in Pasadena
c/o Betty and Charles McKenney
295 Arlington Drive
Pasadena, CA 91105

For more info, contact the McKenneys at 626 441 4478
or email

Arlington Garden
Arlington Garden with Golden Poppies
Brown Dog Explores Tufts of Grass
Purple Clarkia Flowers