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Creating elegant outdoor spaces

For the past 20 years I have been designing gardens that are appropriate for our mediterranean climate. These gardens epitomize the essence of California living – indoor/outdoor rooms that extend your ‘floor space’ beyond the walls of your house.

My goal has always been to design gardens that are elegant solutions arising from the intersection of the uniqueness of the site and the needs and desires of my clients. My ‘signature’ is sense of well being, not a particular plant or style that gets reiterated in every garden.

Currently, I am concerned with environmental issues in general and the scarcity of water that is part and parcel of a mediterranean climate.

These concerns have led me to explore ways in which garden making can be carried out in a way that has a healthier impact on the earth. As a result, I am learning more about native plants which are suited to our soils and climate, irrigation that distributes water in a more precise and efficient way, construction materials with a smaller carbon ‘footprint’, and systems that allow us to capture rainwater and either return it to the aquifers or collect it for use in the landscape.

I look forward to working with people who share these concerns and are willing to entrust me with their dreams so that I can create a garden landscape that is beyond anything they could have imagined

    Mayita at Arlington Garden
Mayita with dogs at Arlington Garden